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This is a 30 minute educational video on how expert appraisers value healthcare practices.

See our Medical Economics Magazine article of February 2018 :
"How To Sell Your Medical Practice"

and our prior cover article:
"Mistakes Doctors Make When Buying or Selling a Practice".

A medical practice appraiser or broker are called upon to advise on a wide variety of needs related to medical practice valuation and sale.

Services include Practice Appraisals, Second Opinion on existing appraisal, Practice Sales/Brokerage, Fair Market Value Compenstion Opinions, Expert Witness Testimony for Divorce, Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation, Buy-in and Pay-out Strategies, Terms of Sale or Associateship, Practice Mergers and Acquisitions, Increasing the Value of a Practice prior to sale, and Practice Management Consulting Support.

Experience counts! When evaluating a medical practice appraisal company or broker for your healthcare practice, look deeply into the individual's background for credentials, and for their practical experience in the field. New, inexperienced individuals buy -or become employed by- long-standing broker/appraiser offices, then claim the firm's decades-long experience as their own in their marketing. Make sure the individual you interview will be the same one handling your account, not delegated to an underling-in-training. New credential-mill "associations" frequently spring up then fade away, so don't just trust an "association logo" on a website. If you are in a state that requires licensing to appraise, broker or even "consult" on a value, sale or buy-in (most notably California, Florida and Colorado), ask to see their state-specific license and personal CV, or look it up online. Licensure counts, just like in medicine. Transactions almost all have tax-return impact for both parties, so make sure your appraiser is a Qualified Appraiser by IRS Standards so you can use your appraisal with your tax return and in case of IRS audit of either party in the future.

Our broker/appraiser Keith C Borglum CHBC CBB is multi-state-licensed,
multi-certified, and in active practice since 1983.
He is a Qualified Appraiser by IRS Standards, and his appraisals can be used with your tax return or to get a bank loan.
His full, printable credentials CV can be seen or downloaded by clicking here.
You can also see personal references by clicking in the "Client Comments" section above. Note that most of our clients must remain confidential.
PMM is a HIPAA HITECH compliant Business Associate. Download our form at HIPAA PMM Business Associate Agreement.

You will find lots of useful educational information in the "Articles" section, and industry standards and some practices for sale in the "Links" section.

We hope you find our website interesting and educational.
Let us know if you have further questions or need assistance.
Phone 707-546-4433 PST 24 hours or use the Contact Us link.

8"AMA ConsultingLink®, part of the American Medical Association, carefully screened and chose the top healthcare consultants in the country -- advisors who have what it takes to help your practice thrive in today's constantly changing healthcare environment." They did their homework to make your selection process hassle-free. We are proud to have been a member of the AMA ConsultingLink® network from 1993 until closure of the program.

2To be included in the American Academy of Family Physicians' Network of Consultants (FP-Assist®), consultants were required to undergo an extensive application and peer review process. Their credentials -- education, training and experience -- were carefully evaluated. This ensures that they were qualified to provide you with the services you request, and, most importantly, understand the unique needs of family physicians. We are pleased to have been among the few firms in the nation accepted by AAFP's FP-Assist® for family practice consulting, appraisal and brokerage. PMM was an original Founding Member and participant and on faculty until the cessation of the program.

3"Medical Economics Editorial Consultants are the experts in medical practice that you see listed in the front of each issue. Long before a consultant is invited to join ME's consultant panel, they've established solid working relationships with ME's editors. Editors call upon them when researching articles; send them pre-publication copies of articles for their review inviting comments and corrections to make sure ME has gotten the facts straight; and occasionally publish articles that they've bylined." ME is confident that we know our stuff; and has published numerous cover-articles authored.

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Medical Practice Appraiser Keith Borglum, a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant and state-licensed Business Broker specializing in medical practice valuation and sales, presenting at the ACOG national meeting:










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