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Florida's extremely-restrictive licensing laws require that anyone that provides "consulting", appraisal, sale, brokerage, or any services what-so-ever regarding the valuation or sale of medical practices -in any way- be either a Florida-licensed broker, appraiser, or federal securities licensee; or be subject to up to a 3rd-class-felony violation! Competence doesn't matter - state licensure does- just like in medicine. (there is an exception for CPAs appraising their own client's businesses, but most CPAs consider that a conflict of interest, and they still might not meet the Federal requirement IRC §§ 170(f)(11)(E)(ii) & (iii) to be a “Qualified Appraiser”)

You can read the Florida law by clicking here

If you have had a bad experience with an unlicensed medical practice appraisal or sales person in Florida, you can report the problem here.

PMM's broker -Keith Borglum CHBC– has been licensed in California since 1981; a national practice broker since 1983; faculty for multiple national and state medical associations for many years; a nationally-published medical-appraisal and management-consulting periodicals-and-book author (just Google his name); is a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant (CHBC) and the only person so-experienced to have completed the Florida educational and licensing requirements to assist physicians in Florida in valuation and sale of medical practices. Keith holds Florida broker license #BK3206346. Only 40% of anyone taking the Florida broker-licensure test passes; and broker Keith Borglum is the only known person to have passed, that specializes in medical practices with the above credentials (if you know of someone else, let us know and we will change this web page - it hasn't happened yet).
click here for Keith Borglum's Credentials

You wouldn't refer patients to an "unlicensed doctor";
don't use an "unlicensed appraiser" or "consultant", including possibly your own CPA!

Keith's appraisal reports have been commended by doctors, lawyers, judges, national banks, and others as being "very readable and understandable". Reports are written to comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice approved by Congress, and required by Florida law.

If you can't understand the appraisal you paid for;
its against Florida law!

Common types of engagements include:

Practice Appraisal for Divorce, Sale, Purchase, Merger, Buy-In or Pay-Out Purposes; identifying a monetary value for a practice being sold from one physician to another, merger, or associate buy-in.

Practice Sale Support, assisting a seller with setting terms of sale, promoting the practice for sale, negotiating a sale with a purchaser, and guiding both parties through the myriad and complex issues involved.

Confidential Intermediary Services, wherein we assist a seller or buyer as a Transaction Broker, keeping confidential the identity and location of the client until the other party has been pre-qualified and signed a Confidentiality, Non-Competition and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Merger Appraisal for Equity Balancing, wherein multiple physicians are merging their practices, or when one practice or group is acquiring another practice by merger rather than purchase.

Second-Opinion Appraisals, wherein we review the work of another appraiser and render an opinion thereupon.

Expert Witness, Consulting and Support; to attorneys representing physicians in business valuation disputes.

Pre-employment Practice Evaluations; investigating the business practice health and appropriateness of employment terms and/or buy-in terms on behalf of the employment candidate.

Practice Start-up One-day Consults; are available at your location or ours. Most solo physicians come to our offices, most groups have us come to them. You receive virtually everything you need to know to start a practice; including confidence.

Group Formation One-Day Consults; lead you in just one (long) day through the majority of issues and decisions needed to merge or form a group practice, ending with a structure that clearly defines how the group will look and feel, with a defined implementation plan and calendar.

Seminars and Workshops; are often requested by medical societies, IPAs or hospitals for their member physicians on particular topics. Improving Profitability in Your Practice, and Valuing Your Practice for Sale or Buy-In are current popular topics. Seminars can be customized to almost any degree. (Sorry: no "a la carte" attendance for individuals is available. Seminars must be sponsored by an organization that invites you, such as AAFP, CAFP, ACP/ASIM, AAD, AAAAI, ACS, AAO, etc.)



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