Medical Practice Appraiser and Broker Services
Types of Engagements

Common types of engagements include:

Medical Practice Broker, assisting a seller with valuation, setting terms of sale, promoting the practice for sale, introducing 100% bank financing to a buyer, and supporting legal counsel in guiding both parties through the myriad and complex issues involved. Giving advice on ownership transfer is a licensed activity in many states. PMM is licensed since 1983.
(You wouldn't refer to an unlicensed doctor; don't use an unlicensed consultant!)

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Appraisals for Marital Dissolution, rending an opinion of value within the specific guidelines of the courts of the state.

Practice Appraisal for Sale Purposes, identifying a monetary value for a practice being sold from one physician to another.

Confidential Intermediary Services, wherein we represent a practice for sale, and field inquiries from prospective purchasers, keeping confidential the identity and location of the seller until the potential buyer has been pre-qualified and signed a Confidentiality, Non-Competition and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Merger Appraisal for Equity Balancing, wherein multiple physicians are merging their practices, or when one practice or group is acquiring another practice by merger rather than purchase.

Practice Appraisal for Buy-in or Pay-out, identifying a monetary value for an associate buying into a practice, or an existing owner exiting a practice, or both.

Second Opinion Appraisals, wherein we review the work of another appraiser and render an opinion thereupon.

Expert Witness, Consulting and Support, to attorneys representing physicians in business valuation and business ethics disputes.

Pre-employment Practice Evaluations, investigating the business practice health and appropriateness of employment terms and/or buy-in terms on behalf of the employment candidate.

Physician Employee Candidate Evaluations, facilitating determination of the appropriateness of a candidate-physician-employee on behalf of the prospective employer.

Practice Start-up One-day Consults are available at your location or ours. Most solo physicians come to our offices, most groups have us come to them. You receive virtually everything necessary to start a practice, including confidence.

Group Formation One-day Consults lead you through the majority of issues and decisions needed to merge or form a group practice or IPA, ending with a structure that clearly defines how the group will look and feel, with a defined implementation plan and calendar.

Practice Management Administration provides part-time, high-level administrators to practices on a month-to-month basis, at a price affordable for even most solo physicians. (Available in Western USA only)

Topic Specific Consults by visit or by phone can be about almost any medical business and administration issue. Included in this category are relocation site evaluations, satellite office assessments, personnel policy manuals, group formation staff recruitment, computerization, physician recruitment support, office design review, etcetera.

Seminars and Workshops are often requested by medical societies, IPAs or hospitals for their member physicians on particular topics. Improving Profitability in Your Practice and Managing Your Managed Care Practice are current popular topics. Seminars can be customized to almost any degree. (Sorry: no "a la carte" attendance for individuals is available. Seminars must be sponsored by an organization that invites you, such as AAFP, ACP/ASIM, ACS, etc.)




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